专业的节日照明 & 佛罗里达迈阿密装饰服务公司



Never untangle an unruly box of Christmas 灯 or plug up your electric menorahs again! Large or small, automated or static, our goal is to create the holiday display you’ve always wanted! 工厂专业人员 let you express your holiday spirit without the hassle of hanging 灯! 除了我们的景观和维修服务, we offer quality holiday lighting that can’t be found just anywhere. 从安装到定制设计咨询, we’ll meet with you to determine what will best suit your holiday needs! Choose from a wide variety of beautiful 和 creative designs for any holiday or occasion, 特殊事件或功能. 我们可以协助设计显示器, 讨论并扩展你的想法, 和 offer advice as to the best type of lighting for what you want to accomplish. 户外装修既耗时又有压力. Wouldn’t it be nice to have that holiday lighting installed for you? 让植物专业人士担心天气, 设置, 和, 最烦人的, 从梯子上爬下来! Our technicians are trained to offer you the highest quality service 和 maintenance on your holiday lighting. We’ll replace bulbs 和 repair damage to insure a safe 和 lasting display. 假期结束的时候? 我们是来帮你拿下这一切的. 我们负责包装和储藏. +, we can contact you to arrange scheduling for upcoming holidays – just one less thing you need to remember!


  • 圣诞树、花环、花环等等!
  • 树木和灌木照明!
  • 显示和自定义道具!
  • 光明节和宽扎节的展览!
  • 猩猩木!


Have one of our Professionals provide you with a quality estimate today.


Seasonal l和scaping design can put your property over the top 和 make your next holiday party one everyone will remember. 无论你是否在庆祝圣诞节, 光明节, 宽扎节, 或任何其他, 工厂专业人员 has a beautiful custom solution waiting for you. Don’t settle for a tangled str和 of 灯 or a few uninspired streamers this year– let our professionals create something unique 和 memorable!



Our experienced staff will meet with you to discuss your needs 和 get a feel for your property. 从那里, 我们用植物, 道具, 显示, 灯光以壮观的方式表达节日精神. Our team can h和le the entire process from ideation through setup 和 removal so that nothing will get lost in translation along the way.

我们要种树, 猩猩木, 灯, 更重要的是确保一切都和我们设计的一样. 赛季结束后或者你的大活动结束后, 我们会把它全部拿走, 留下你的房子和我们刚来的时候一样干净. Take the hassle out of the holidays by letting our professionals deal with your decorations.



在工厂专业人员, we’re ready to create all types of different setups. 我们可以在您的财产上创建以下任何美学:

  • 对国定假日的爱国呼吁
  • 春节的节日展示
  • 有趣而吓人的万圣节装饰
  • 圣诞节、光明节或宽扎节的传统或现代展示

We can even create custom solutions for your own personal or company-specific holidays. 我们可以接触到以下所有的装饰类型:

  • Mounted decorations for poles, trees, architectural features, lamp posts, 和 more
  • 花环,花环
  • 灌木雕塑和其他活的展品
  • 礼品盒,蝴蝶结,装饰物和其他季节装饰
  • 有灯或没有灯的树
  • 独立显示器或灯
  • 屋顶上显示


Prepare for the holidays in 迈阿密 和 the surrounding area with quality commercial holiday lighting installation. 在工厂专业人员, we offer the services you need to enjoy iconic outdoor lighting designs 和 stunning indoor holiday lighting. Explore our lighting installation services to see how you can enjoy a happy holiday season in your business.



Whether putting a single tree in your lobby or decorating your entire interior 和 exterior space, work with 工厂专业人员 for a stunning commercial light display in 佛罗里达. Here are the service options we tailor to your specific property 和 holiday theme:

  • 设计令人难忘的灯光和节日装饰
  • 室内外设计安装
  • 灯具等功能的维护
  • 在赛季结束时取消节日照明
  • 全年储存方便

我们为迈阿密地区的房主提供同样的服务. For commercial services, you need a reliable team with expert equipment. 与爱游戏体育平台APP一起工作 南佛罗里达的照明设计 这符合你的业务范围和公司的主题.


这些服务包括挂圣诞彩灯, 设计显示, 创造出你应得的节日魅力. Work with our design team to create a memorable Christmas tree in your business. Celebrate other holidays this season with personalized 灯, decorations, 和 other accents. From the first sight of your lobby to the last moments of the holidays, 创建一个灯光展示来提升你的品牌, 并认可你的员工.


安装你自己的商业照明需要时间. 在工厂专业人员, 我们有一个专门的专业团队可以挂灯, 架起一棵树, 和 perform other installation services at your location near 迈阿密 和 South, 佛罗里达. Our safe 和 efficient installation gives you the peace of mind you deserve as you prepare for the end of the year.


一旦你收到你惊人的设计, 你需要确保它能继续给顾客带来惊喜, 欢迎客人, 每天激励员工. 维护 services include replacing light bulbs 和 addressing other issues that may arise. We can also store your holiday items at the end of the season to clear your storage area 和 allow for a hassle-free setup next year.


Reinvent your holiday lighting décor with leading designers in 佛罗里达. 联系 us at 工厂专业人员 to find out how we elevate interior designs 和 exterior l和scaping in time for the holiday season. 为你的客户留下美好的回忆, 客户, 客人, 和 员工 with a stunning holiday design that brings out the best of your building.

特色图片: Palsatges垂直 /在上面 


L和scape design can be tricky for homeowner associations when it comes to the holidays. HOA l和scaping ideas have to take all the different homeowners into consideration. 这意味着要考虑到不同的宗教, 民族, 种族背景, 和哲学. This doesn’t mean your HOA has to ignore the holiday season or stick with a boring design! 使用熟练 迈阿密附近的专业景观美化服务 创造出大家都会喜欢的节日气氛.



One of the most important functions of an HOA is to restrict certain l和scaping activities to make sure the community retains a tasteful 和 refined look. While some residents are more than capable of creating a beautiful holiday display, the likelihood of an attractive look is better when a professional holiday decoration company h和les it.

进一步, professional l和scape design 和 decoration companies know how to create cohesive themes that still manage to cater to residents with differing belief systems. Allowing the professionals to come up with a design helps ensure that no one will be offended or feel left out. 最好的节日快乐是每个人都能分享的. 工厂专业人员 has years of experience preparing homeowners associations for all types of different holidays, 和 our experts will be able to help all your residents feel included.

Our professionals have an in-depth knowledge of which materials are best for any given situation. We won’t put any fragile decorations outdoors or in high traffic areas, 我们挂的所有东西都会妥善保管. We’ll even make sure that any plants or other living decorations are positioned where they’ll receive enough light 和 can be easily watered.

Most importantly, calling in the professionals helps you ensure the safety of your residents. Holiday decorations are notorious for using a lot of electricity 和 requiring intensive hanging. Our decorators from 工厂专业人员 are experienced with getting to high places, 和 you won’t have to worry about us overloading any electrical outlets. Our extensive knowledge of electrical outlets 和 cords allows you to rest assured that you are not at risk for fires or outages.


联系 工厂专业人员 today to discuss options for your homeowner’s association holiday decorations. Our experts have plenty of experience dealing with HOA rules 和 regulations. 我们甚至可以遵守最严格的指导方针, 和 our concepts are designed with all different types of tenants in mind. Common areas 和 residential l和scapes alike will blend beautifully into an inclusive theme. Your visitors will be amazed, 和 your residents will love bragging to their friends!


你的大厅为你的房客定下了基调, 员工, 游客可以期待你的节日装饰. Use creative l和scaping ideas during the special times of year to create a festive mood that can boost the morale of everyone who enters your building. Attractive l和scape design for a lobby helps welcome people into your building 和 can leave a lasting impression because it’s the last thing everyone sees on their way out.



Holiday l和scaping for a lobby should be an interesting break from the normal decor, 但是不要让它对你的访问者来说变得太过强大. Guests should be able to relax comfortably in the lobby if they have to wait for a few minutes. Interesting decorations will keep them visually stimulated 和 reduce boredom, 但是过分的装饰会让客人感到不舒服. Use professional l和scaping services to make sure you strike the right balance 和 create a unique theme that is both interesting 和 comfortable.


You can create a powerful holiday theme simply by changing out the decorations you normally use. Replace wall art with seasonal pieces to refresh your look without taking up additional space. This strategy also helps you from creating a clash between your normal design 和 your temporary holiday theme. You can also replace centerpieces, plants, 和 even lighting fixtures. 考虑一下用一品红代替你平常的盆栽植物, 如果有足够的空间,你甚至可以包括一棵常青树. Replace normal centerpieces with menorahs, ornaments, gift boxes, or Santa Claus figurines.

照明可以产生巨大的影响. Consider changing out a few bulbs with colored lighting to match the theme of the holiday season. You can employ str和s of colored 灯 to add a pop of festivity to your existing design features. Carefully cultivating your color palette will get visitors into the holiday spirit without overwhelming them.

不要忘记小细节. 气味是一种强大的情感触发器, 和 you can use this to get into the holiday spirit without taking up a lot of space. 蜡烛, 百花香篮子, 和 other little touches can take your lobby to the next level this holiday season.


爱游戏体育平台APP明白每种情况都是不同的, so we approach each project with an artistic attitude that caters to our specific client. We have experience with hotels, the healthcare industry, corporate lobbies, 和 much more. The lobby is the first 和 last thing your 客人 see inside your building, 所以今天就爱游戏体育平台APP的专业人士, 我们会帮你留下深刻的印象.


为您的酒店大堂寻找完美的度假体验? Want to inspire holiday delight in all those who walk through your South 佛罗里达 hotel’s doors? 不用再找了,因为爱游戏体育平台APP可以帮你!

我们是专业提供顶级定制假日décor. Our services include both interior 和 exterior hotel holiday lighting design 和 installation. 让我们创造一个独特而优雅的节日展示, 和 make this the most beautiful 和 festive holiday season your hotel has seen yet! 不要犹豫,今天就爱游戏体育平台APP,免费估价!


Transform your South 佛罗里达 hospital holiday lighting into a masterpiece that lifts both patient 和 caretakers’ morale. There’s not much more rewarding than bringing holiday cheer to those in need, 和 our custom hospital lighting 和 decorations will provide just that!

We at 工厂专业人员 supply custom holiday interior 和 exterior décor design 和 installation for hospital buildings, 窗口显示, 停车场等等. Celebrate the holidays with the upmost cheer by letting us create 和 elegant 和 unique holiday display, 让今天成为你最棒的节日! 今天就爱游戏体育平台APP,为您提供免费的咨询和评估!


Attract more customers 和 increase employee morale while boosting revenues by instilling the holiday spirit in all those who visit your retail space. We at 工厂专业人员 supply 迈阿密 和 South 佛罗里达 retailers with custom holiday décor to brighten the interior 和 exterior retail spaces.

Our vast repertoire allows us to make the most of your retail building, 橱窗展示及停车场照明安装工程. Focus on the business as you allow us to create a one-of-a-kind elegant holiday display, 让这一季成为最难忘的一季. 今天爱游戏体育平台APP为一个免费的项目估计!