Pool Landscaping Design in Miami, FL

It’s not just the water in the pool that can make a splash during the summer. Done right, the landscaping around the pool can get just as much attention from guests and neighbors.

While we can’t build a pool for you, the team at Plant Professionals can most certainly use a combination of pool landscaping design and 21st-century hardscape know-how to bring your pool to life.

Setting Things in Stone

Stones, boulders, and concrete provide the perfect hardscaping for the surfaces around the pool. Strong, durable, and made to last, these can be used to create everything from a patio to a waterfall that flows into the pool.

Some of the most beautiful hardscapes make use of each of these materials to create outdoor living areas and rest spaces where guests can catch their breath after an invigorating swim in the pool. 

Lighting Up the Night Sky

Pool lighting is so much more than floodlights and running lights. Modern pool lighting techniques can set the night sky on fire and create an exhilarating ambiance for an evening pool party.

Our landscape designers in Homestead, FL, can use everything from colored lights and walkway lights to hanging lights and decking lights to create the perfect atmosphere for your evening gatherings.     

Lushing Up Lacklaster Landscaping

Many pools in Florida are surrounded by little more than grass. This creates a ho-hum appearance that leaves swimmers and guests less than impressed. When it comes to swimming pool landscape ideas, we have quite a few we will put on the table for you to think over.

We can use hedges on the edges to create a bit of privacy around the pool. We can plant shrubs and perennials to infuse color into the landscape. We can even use trees, ornamental grasses, vines, and tropical plants to create a jungle in your own backyard. Whether your dreams are a tropical landscape or a classical Grecian retreat, we can bring your visions to life using a combination of native foliage and the creative inspirations of our design team.

Serving Pool Owners Throughout South Florida

It is an absolute pleasure serving pool owners in South Florida, including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Kendall, Pinecrest, Pembroke Pines and more. We are proud to know that our pool landscaping designs are transforming our client’s blasé backyard pools into stunning showplaces.

From the benches we build into your outdoor kitchen to the lights we install along the walkway, Plant Professionals wants your pool area to be a place of peace and relaxation where you can rest and enjoy life beneath the beautiful Florida sunshine. We are committed to giving personal attention to each and every client so that they remain completely satisfied.


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