Landscaping and Landscape Design in Miami Beach

Plant Professionals offers the best commercial and residential landscaping solutions Florida has to offer. We approach each landscaping job as an art project, using our experience in design and execution to turn our clients’ vision into reality. After we finalize the design that can best suit your needs, we carry the project all the way through completion and beyond by installing and maintaining the necessary pieces.

Services Offered

We offer a complete range of landscape design services in Miami Beach to make ourselves the best option for any client. We can design any style imaginable, and we execute the design ourselves so you can rest easy knowing that one cohesive team is carrying your vision.

  • Design – Our Professionals are ready to discuss different styles with you to help you bring just the right look to life. We can work with any situation whether you want to work with your existing landscape or start fresh on a blank canvas.
  • Water Features – Use water to create a refreshing getaway in the middle of your Miami Beach property. We breathe life into landscapes using ponds, waterfalls, and fountains.
  • Lighting – Most people think to add lighting around pathways for safety reasons, but why stop there? Smart lighting choices can make your style pop at night.
  • Outdoor Living – Make your outside an extension of your living or working space. We specialize in everything from patios and pergolas to seating and fireplaces, and we are ready to create a comfortable space in the fresh air.
  • Interior Plants – Our clients often like to start in the yard, then let the project flow into the house or office as well. Pieces like living walls and interior water features make a space fresh and lush.
  • Holiday Services – Turn your home or office into the perfect party space.Your guests will be amazed by the elegant decorations we offer for a variety of occasions.

There are countless ways to make a bland landscape vibrant again, and starting out fresh is easier than you imagine. The best part about both options is that you don’t have to undertake the work by yourself. Contact us today to start building your beautiful escape in Miami Beach.

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